28 Sep

It is vital that you have all the parts of a misting system in order for the installation to be done with ease and convenience.

Before installation you must see to it that there were no existing defects found in the parts and all parts are in the parcel. Don't just go with the parts immediately and do a guessing game as to how those parts must be installed, you have to read carefully the manual prior starting it. As for the fogging system pumping unit, this should be well assembled and will start to function once the water is put in it and there is a good power source.

If you want the residential pool misting system unit to last long then you have place it in areas where it will not be prone to any damage. The primary consideration of the place where you must put it is the power and the water source; this should be place near those two so that it can function.

Once the mainline is attached to the unit already, you have to start the next step of the installation. When connecting the unit to the mainline, you have to consider the design of the unit as well since some might require stainless steel to be able to connect to mainline while others may need a flex hose. There are those systems that make use of stainless steel suspension cables for the nozzle line, if this is the case then it should suspended from both sides of the place you want to be misted. At the end of one side, there must be a turnbuckle so that you are able to control the tightness of the cable more so for every 10 feet there must be a support cable that is installed so that everything will be leveled.

When it comes to the installation of ball valves, this must be done carefully on the suspended cables or on the hard surface. Afterwards, the installation of misting lines should be done. If the misting system is made of stainless steel then a 20 foot length nozzle line must be used. To read more about the benefits of Fog Misting, go to http://www.dictionary.com/browse/fog.

For those that is using 20 feet long lines brass fittings are usually used. If the misting system is meant for brass fittings then you will more likely find a  rubber "O" rings. The "O" rings are placed on both sides so that the system is less penetrable by water. As much as possible avoid over tightening the union so as to minimize the possibility of breakage in the "O" rings and entry to the greenhouse fogging systems. Installation of drain valve is also a necessity. The latter are just some of the things that you have to be aware of when having misting or fogging system installation.

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